Thursday, April 19, 2012

So, I was thinking. . .

I love thoughts and words and these are just a few I recently pinned on Pinterest.  You gotta love words stamped on a map, and as far as going your own way, well, you must. I must.  I was raised to be fiercely independent in many respects, from not being afraid to own my beliefs even if they aren't the same as others, to not wanting to buy the same purse or backpack as everyone else, and everything in between - going my own way was a philosophy that was fostered in me.  
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It's good to remember that it's ok to be you no matter the dynamic of the group.  It's also easy and fun to go with the group in some ways and at some times, but in general whether it fits with the group or not, it's good to just find your groove and stick with it. 
What else can we say?  That dandy, Oscar, sure knew some things.  Turn the pages of something worthwhile.  It is powerful in moments even when you are not engrossed in the words.  And moreover, I love this typeface on this poster.  Lovely. 
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Don't we all need to be reminded of this every now and then.  Be a little thankful for the good things and what better way to remember that than with a pretty little poster with a curse word.  Perfect.  

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Get out of your head!  xx - m.m.  

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