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Blogger Profile: Heather and Bo of Lost in Drawers

Hello!  I'm so happy to bring you today's profile of Heather and Bo Liles of Lost in Drawers.  This creative pair bring a wonderfully independent view point and aesthetic to the blogosphere, first by doing a joint blog - their cool quirky take on things, both as a couple and separately, sets them apart from so many others.  They curate and create groovy posts from design, to vintage finds, to their married lives, to a subtle but strong thread of their spiritual lives, as well.  And lest we forget, a super cool chronicling of their fashions can also be found on the blog and on their Instagram.  Lost in Drawers is a class act, and I think you will love the blog.  Oh!  AND Heather and Bo live in Fort Worth, and some of you may know that I have major heart for that town having lived there during some important and formative young adult years of my life (who knows, I always think going back to FTW is an option. . . maybe even a dream, but I digress).  Anyway, I love anyone who breaks the mold and hails from the Fort like Heather and Bo - cool and unexpected, just like Lost in Drawers.  Hope you enjoy!  xx - m.m. 

1) Describe your blogging style.

Our blogging style is fairly representative of our life in general: eclectic, wide ranging in topics and interests...from our love of vintage, the personal side of our life as a couple, everything stylish and fashionable that inspires us, our rapscallion pomeranian Emory, discussion on topics spiritual and cultural, on how much we love Fort Worth Texas, time spent with family, our love of vintage bicycles, our favorite recipes and food ideas, and about the adventures that come our way.

2) Your personal style? And one favorite piece (each) in your home and wardrobe that reflects your style.

Heather: It’s a difficult task to self-define one’s style, but without sounding too contradictory, I would say that my style is modern vintage with a nod to street style.  In looking for vintage, I tend to gravitate towards the 1960’s, as the silhouettes have always been my favorite. Simply put, if your grandmother and mother wore it 50 years ago, I will most likely love it.  That being said, my love of vintage is really a quest to try and wear those pieces I love in a current and modern way; I like vintage clothing best when it doesn’t look like a costume, but integrates easily into any outfit.

Also, my personal style and our home decor have been influenced profoundly by the visual style of Jean-Luc Godard’s films, from the color palettes to the outre/quirkiness in the styling. And being that we just recently moved into a new home, and many things are still in boxes, we are taking our time in decorating, trying to make it truly livable and only buying things that we love, that have a story and make us smile. While we would love to live in an Anthropologie type catalog, our home has proven itself to need to be a livable space, with room for scattered dog toys and piles of new, uncatalogued books and a dish or ten in the sink.  And we are entirely alright if that makes it on the blog, in fact, we often find capturing those moments are the best.

In my wardrobe: A cream vintage sailor cut jacket I found at the Fort Worth Cattle Barn flea market that goes with nearly everything. No matter how many times I have to re-sew the sleeve back on, I always find myself pairing outfits with this staple in my closet.

In our home: In that same vein, my most recent purchase is a 1970’s sailor girl painting found at a nearby thrift store that Bo & I both loved instantly and had to bring home with us.

Bo: My style is still evolving from single twenties guy to being a married man in my thirties, but I can say that I take after my father in the sense that I like items that are quality and classic. I attempt to buy things that last. That being said, I mix some vintage with new pieces that can be worn dressed up or down. I am especially into vintage neckwear, and as of late, shoes. At home, I would say that Heather and I really don’t take things too serious; we decorate with what we like, with a big emphasis on humor and comfort.

In my wardrobe: my grandfather’s fedora and my bicycle toe oxfords from our wedding.

In our home: our record player, as Lost In Drawers wouldn’t exist without music.

3) What keeps you inspired both on the blog and in life?

I think what makes us the happiest is seeing what inspires each of us as individuals. That being said, there definite recurring constants: authenticity and kindness; our local museums; all things Disney; old photographs and dusty antique oddities; people who have a genuine voice, both in their style and personality; collections of unique things...from Alice In Wonderland and Sherlock Holmes books, to our stable of vintage bicycles, to hats (and hat boxes); vintage radios; hand painted trinket boxes, among many other things. That is the beauty of inspiration: it can come from both familiar and new and exciting directions.

4) Your 3 favorite songs to listen to while blogging.

Heather: “Howlin’ For You” by The Black Keys; “Dress Me Like A Clown” by Margot And The Nuclear So & So’s; the entire self titled album by Fleet Foxes.
Bo: “Mistaken For Strangers” by The National; “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi” by Radiohead; “Bitter Days” by Lewis

5) Last book you read and loved.

Heather: Love Wins by Rob Bell - this book really completed a change in how I see eternity and life for us in the future. It really is a great primer on how to better treat each other every day.

Bo: A Million Miles In A Thousand Years by Donald Miller - I really like Miller’s take on memoirs, and this one really got me thinking about the idea of story and how Heather and I want to live out good stories with our life together.

6) Your top three favorite blogs.

Thanks again to Heather and Bo for being a part of this series and sharing such lovely bits of their lives with us!  


  1. Lovely to meet Heather and Bo. They seem like fun and down to earth folks. Thanks for introducing them.

    1. Thanks Tonia! Glad you liked this - I had a good time getting to know them too!

  2. Have we said thank you enough?! No, but really thank you again Molly! We are very appreciative.

    1. Wonderful to get to know you better, and hope we get to meet in person sometime! xx

  3. Love this post. Especially love that they blog together. That sailor girl painting is the best! Going to check out their blog!


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