Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Birthday (and other) Treats

I mean seriously.  a handmade garland and paper poof.  My girl knows what I love.
I love my birthday!  I really do.  And even though I'm in the last stretch of what I'm calling "mid-thirties" (my co-workers confirmed that 36 is still mid, but next year it's full-on late), I don't mind because who doesn't love banners, paper poofs, cards, cake and presents?  It makes me appreciate that and so much more. So here are few of my fave treats on this, my 36th birthday plus just a few little random things that make me happy everyday.  Hope you have a fab day!  xx - m.m.
An awesome card.  Inside it said "with the right heels and some junk in the trunk you've got a ticket to ride" - LOVE it.

Random love for the Gap pantone display wall.
THE best card from my good friend Ann Marie.  And the card company j-dig cards. is the best.  Love my peeps at j-dig.
An awesome gift sent to me by my sister-in-law and friend bolder the better - she sends the best gifts and always includes decoration by my niece and my fave part - how she writes on the outside of the envelope.

My new neon watch from sis-in-law and my birthday outfit - bird culotts.

I love my salt lamp given to me by my boss who is a dear friend.  The ions keep me sane at work.
We all love Target, but their new shopping carts make me SO happy.  They drive so smooth and easy.  It's amazing.

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