Friday, May 18, 2012

Disco and Donna

I am a baby of the 70s so I feel connected to Disco music (and as a little girl I longed for my name to be Donna).  It makes you dance, and I love to dance.  The Queen of Disco, Donna Summer's music always makes you dance.  Who hasn't rocked out to "Last Dance" at a wedding or a wine-filled evening with friends?  If you are around my age, you definitely have. I also remember absolutely loving the 1983 hit  "She works hard for the money" in real timeAnd still do.  Donna Summer's music definitely made an impact on my generation and her music lives on. . .a life with impact - every artist's hope. RIP Donna Summer.  We'll see you on the dance floor.  xx - m.m.

See Donna Summer playlist on RollingStone and also a great piece on her life from the LA Times

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