Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blogger Profile: Blondie - Sarah

Hello guys.  So freaking happy to bring you the latest profile on a blogger I love.  When I say I hit some blogs daily, well, there might be some days I miss every now and then.  But not Blondie.  I never miss it.  It is unlike any others I have profiled and honestly unlike any others I've found.  She (Sarah, aka Blondie). Is. Hilarious. Irreverent. Honest. Confident and self-depricating (my fave combo). And gor-or-orgeous (see her party pics?! I love a cropped party pic). And she treats her blogspot more like a micro-blog, stream of consciousness dialogue, straight talking, of the moment updates on her life, from TV-watching (see Bachelor/Bachelorette updates unlike any others), to dating, and any other weird, hilarious, hijinks that make up her life. You just want to be her. . . or atleast her friend when you read it. Her profile reads: Dallas, TX, United States Blonde (natural). Single (not natural). What more do you need to know. - Nope, you covered it.  That is all I needed to be hooked. That, and her writing, totally unique and funny topics and the fact that she is also just a girl in my town putting it out there on a really cool blog - authentically - without some big media blitz or "strategic strategy" (that's office-speak).  I just love the passion behind this type of blog. And no, I don't know her in-real-life but we are making it happen soon. With one dear mutual friend, we actually have a legit reason to meet and are bound to be soon-to-be-friends. (keep you posted - and imagine me in one of these party pics coming soon.) In the meantime, I'll stay in the know on the life of this Dallas blond-bombshell on the blog (just look at these pics - this chick is loving life).  See more about Blondie below and of course at Blondie and enjoy!  xx - m.m. 
Meet Blondie-Sarah

[smmidge] Describe your blogging style.
[Blondie] Is "random" a style? I write about my life, but also about pop culture - i.e. weekly Bachelor/Bachelorette updates.
(see here for today's)

[smmidge] Describe your personal style. And a favorite piece (or two) that reflects your style.
[Blondie] I think my personal style is girly/funky (gunky, if you will). I am a label whore (but only when I can buy those labels on sale at TJ Maxx), but am a sucker for jeans and a white tank top as well. I love my aqua cowboy boots so much it hurts. Ooh - and this reversible coral and aqua necklace that I adore. At home, I have a set of colorful bowls from Anthropologie that are almost too cute to use. So they just sit there, looking pretty.
The Boots
THE necklace
some pretty Anthro bowls!

[smmidge] What keeps you inspired both on the blog and in life?
[Blondie] Chris Harrison.

[smmidge] Fave blogging songs.
[Blondie] I usually blog first thing in the morning at work, so there aren't any tunes. But my 3 favorite songs in general are Summer of 69 (Bryan Adams), Take on Me (A-Ha) and, sadly, Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen).

[smmidge] Last book you read.  
[Blondie] Only sort of embarrassed to say Fifty Shades of Grey

[smmidge] Your three favorite daily reads. 
[Blondie] WiDiDallas, Smmidge (yep, sucking up), and iHateGreenBeans

I couldn't end this profile without another party pic of Blondie - I just love her!  Thanks Sarah!


  1. Amazing job, thanks!!
    You're welcome in a party pic ANY TIME.

    1. So much fun! Thank you! and party pics ASAP. :)

  2. I heart La Rubia also - she ROCKS!!!

  3. Y'all, I just wish you could have seen my face reading this. Ear to Ear. Love you both and this post was just the greatest. I have always love Sarah for being who. she. is. so. honest. so fun. I mean, the girl changes for no one. amazing.

    1. Kel you're making me cry. Let's all get together soon. xoxo

    2. KO - love this! y'all are cute! can't wait to catch up soon. :)


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