Friday, June 8, 2012

Color Chic: Orange & Pink

via PoppyTalk
I'm always drawn to a pop of color, but how about two?!  Y.E.S.  I love ALL color, and to layer two warm, hot colors like orange and pink is one of my very favorite, forward ways to make a splash.  Ok, so my super stylish mom was dawning hot pink and orange three years ago - now that was forward (as she always is) - but still, it makes a statement, even today, and generally it's a bright, groovy, and happy statement.  And it pairs well with bits of turq - who doesn't love that combo?  Here are some of my very fave chic combos of orange and pink.  Happy, bright Friday!  xx - m.m.

via SFGirlbytheBay
via rstyle
via richesforrags
via Anthology Mag
via Lonny Mag
via Lara Jade photography

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