Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It only looks like I slept in my clothes (and other disheveled's)

I didn't. . . sleep in my clothes, that is.  You should see my hair, though.  And the pimples on my chin. You would wonder, too.  But I didn't.  I find that I'm just a mess this time of year.  (ok ok, maybe all the time, but seems more noticeable this time of year atleast to me).  Maybe it's the heat and humidity?  Maybe it's just who I am - but I can't find it in me to iron a shirt and layer that onto crazy frizzball hair, pimples on my chin and general approach to fashion that doesn't include matching and I. . . well. . . look like I slept in my clothes.  How do you keep yourself together in the summer?  And/or are you a fellow disheveled gal like me?? Here are a few more below (of the annoying-beautiful-model-type-disheveled which is way.more.awesome.). . . happy, eh, summer (?).  xx - m.m.

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found this perfect print from Funnel Cloud on Etsy - LOVE

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