Thursday, June 7, 2012

Instagram-able 9

summer styles are always colorful, paper airplanes, and a train ride in Fort Worth.
It's Thursday!  I love Thursday.  I think it just takes me back to college when it was THE biggest and best night for going out.  Today it is more like, "Ok, I really can survive one more day until the weekend - thank goodness!"Good ol' Thursday.

It's been a busy busy few weeks - as I always learn (or remember - my brain is constantly fried and playing catch-up) when checking my Instagram - whew!  The last few weeks were mainly punctuated by the end of Doss's school year and beginning of summer session, my birthday, and our anniversary.  You gotta love May and June, especially when it's your birthday and anniversary.  Go Geminis!  We love to celebrate this time of year. Hope you are having a fabulous start to your summer and celebrating it all, too (birthdays/anniversaries, or not!).  xx - m.m.
Summer evenings always include "fast wagon" rides, a FAVE birthday card from a friend, and I'm loving all the rattan I've seen in the vintage shops.  Obsessed with rattan.
We made it to Chicken Scratch for dinner and the signs (and vibe) are perfection, my new birthday top from my Momma, new fave beverage, and the most chic cement truck eva!
There he is on his first last day of school, my birthday evening restaurant - Lucia- FABULOUS, Bolsa Mercado, and sidewalk chalk fun.

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