Monday, October 22, 2012

Instagram-able 10

Halloween is coming and I can't even believe it.  It's fall in the Cliff and we are super excited to see what the Halloween is all about down here. . . or get in our car and avoid the thousands for a quieter place.  We'll see.   The decorations in the front yards are in full effect, including my favorite, the "boards and baby dolls" house.  Wow.  Love seeing the passion and creativity, and every night on our walk it's a fright-fest for all.  Super fun.  Other than that, my Instagram/iPhone feed shows some fun outings from the fair to nights out to eat at our favorite local joints, to house decorating, music, and friends.  Not bad.  
I loved these chevron fabrics as I was scouting for coverings and such for the new place.  And, oh, that is Chris Robinson rocking out next to his incense owl - obsessed. Below is a reminder of the day we bought our house (seems like years ago), a wonderful love fest with my best gals, the most luscious latte ever on a visit to Fort Worth, Doss rocking out and Ben in a rock tee doing house work (he's cool like that).  Finally, a sweet moment with a little friend at the cutest super hero birthday party ever.  And. . . it does it every time.  No matter what, when I take the time to take a look back I'm always grateful.  xx - m.m.

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