Tuesday, October 23, 2012

His and Hers--Nightstands

 The differences in all things "his and hers" has always fascinated me.  Ben and I were recently discussing how our nightstands are little microcosms about each of us. . . and it's so true.  Mine is all about dreaming and color. . . from the book Dare to Dream, to a sweet gift (handmade!) of a quote I love (from Pretty Woman) "...Everybody got a Dream!", to hopefully sweet dreams -- it's bright and happy. . . or is that kooky? Something like that.  His is all about the zen and the lit(erature).  From his tiny Buddha that is always there, to his Hemingway, to our current nighttime read (great book) a Bio of Ann Richards (so the front book is ever-changing), it's cohesive, clean and calm just like him.  Do your nightstands reflect your personality?  xx - m.m.


  1. I'm in blog mention heaven. You should know.

    1. I never know if I should call you by name. :) wish I could link to your brain.

  2. NO! My word. I'm just smuggly happy to be included in some way. Made my day. And Doss and Blake. Ridiculous.


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