Wednesday, October 24, 2012

View Points

Looking at things (any and all things) with a different point of view is a good thing.  It's important for perspective, right?  I was struck by this view in my new living room (yay!).  Sitting here and taking it in, my view point captured so many bits of favorite things - the best sofa ever (from the best shop in my 'hood - Neighborhood!), a colorful, textural pillow, the perfect vintage magazine rack, Ben's cruiser and guitar.  Taking a moment and looking at things in a new or different way reminds me to see the little things that matter, or find beauty is something unsuspecting.  Here are some more views I've noticed recently that I loved.  Try it.  xx - m.m. 
Looking down at a scrumptious funnel cake at the fair.  Yes, that is turf we are sitting on. 

Down the escalator.

Looking down at my preppy look.

Looking up at the historical depot in Baird, my hometown.

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