Friday, February 1, 2013

Embracing Crows Feet

Meryl Streep
I recently realized I respond more positively to women who aren't afraid to show their crows feet.  You know, crows feet, those pesky crinkles beneath and around the eyes of someone who has seen her share of days.  That is, when a woman in her 30s, 40s, 50s or beyond has decided to own her age, her life.

In the media in particular, where it seems that most women are freezing there faces whether they are 26 or 76,  I've come to even crave some crows feet.  Perhaps it's because, after an evening of taking in the smooth, frozen facades of, say, the Real Housewives (don't judge), one look in the mirror at yours truly is well. . . shocking.  I think, "who is that and why is that face falling?"   When did I become a 36 yr old mom with crows feet and a fading jaw line?  Why don't I look smooth like (the much older, if I do say so) Lisa Vanderpump?  Oh, that's right, because I have not had face injections (yet?) and I have (even at only 36) seen my share of the good and bad of life.

At other are times though, by the grace of God, when I come across an image, a scene, an interview with someone like Drew Barrymore, Caroline Kennedy, Meryl Streep, or Cameron Diaz, I perk up as I see them smile with hints (or more) of crows feet or lines in their cheeks.  When this happens,  I'm amazed by my own amazement.  Should it be so shocking to see lines on a face?  I think not.  It's nice to see their emotions.  I see a life lived in the lines, and why shouldn't I?  It's quite refreshing and still beautiful.  Same goes for real women in the mall or the grocery store. . . the ones without botox and facelifts stand out in a good way.  I feel more connected to them, as I know my own life (happiness and sorrow) shows in the lines on my face, too.

I love this song by Willie Nelson and it sums it up:

This face is all I have, worn and lived inAnd lines below my eyes are like old friendsAnd this old hearts' been beaten upAnd my ragged soul has had things roughThis face is all I have, worn and lived in

Look, I'm not saying that to look and feel young isn't a good thing.  Taking care of our skin, our bodies, our minds is important.  And help in keeping a youthful glow is not all wrong.  A bit here and there can really be helpful and quite nice. . .and I can't say I won't do something in the future when I have jowls and a constant frown.  But for me, right now, to see someone let their life and age show is inspiring and freeing. Life isn't always smooth, but that doesn't take away the beauty.  xx - m.m.

Elizabeth Banks
Caroline Kennedy
Natalie Maines
Cameron Diaz
Lauren Graham

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