Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gone Junking

The wagon was a must-have.
Last weekend, we decided we needed to get out of town on the spur of the moment.  We were in need of a change of scenery, something to get us out of our daily routine and provide a little inspiration.  Without much time to plan, and little time period, we serendipitously realized it was the weekend of First Monday in Canton, TX.  We had never been, and having a bit of "junker" in our blood, we thought it would be fun.  Luckily Canton a short drive from Dallas and even with a coffee/bagel pit stop on the way, we were there in no time.  As first timers, we learned a lot and saw a ton of people and junk, and things.   Even so, we were literally only on the very edges of this massive flea market.  We'll probably take a different route next time considering we only saw a fraction of the place.  We did find a few things, had lots of moments of inspiration and had a great time.  Here's to not having a plan and lucky weekend inspiration.  xx - m.m.

What a cool horoscope calendar.
I loved this cart full of plants coming down the way.
Um, hello?
I loved this guy and his lighting junk-art.  He had a real point of view amongst the rest.

Homemade ice cream
I had to have this bentwood chair.

We couldn' t leave without capturing this -- camo bathing suits.  Yep.  I'll take my bentwood chair, thank you.

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