Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Inspired by Guitar Straps

Ben's guitar strap sitting on his music stand.
The music stand came back out at our house recently, and with it, my husband's vintage guitar strap which is dear to us both.  It just totally speaks to his love of 70s rock and the look of the 70s in general.  It always reminds us of the old days, when after every meal or get-together, the guitar came out and the music began.  Music has played an important role in both our lives and especially our relationship.  Our first conversation was all about music, in between singing songs, and about the songs he was writing and listening to.  When we were dating, we even had a weekly gig at a little bar across from our apartment in OKC.  Oh, the love and fun of those times.  Anyway, the cool guitar strap he keeps is just the coolest, and inspired by it, I found this belt for years ago - the one in the photo below.  I've always called it my "guitar strap belt".  I think it was a William Rast for Target find back in the day and I literally wear it with everything and it brings just a twinge of country and tad of 70s which I love, too.  The patterns on guitar straps are so lovely if you really look at them.  They could inspire an outfit, or even a room.  Here are some other cool guitar straps and music inspired things I've seen recently. . . . Here's to the 70s and a little music inspiration in style. xx - m.m.
guitar strap belt
guitar strap cuff

Guitar strap I want as a belt.

Beading pattern for a guitar.  Can we say "backsplash"?
OBSESSED with these found on Etsy.

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