Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let's Get Cookin'

If this were a true "good cooking, good eating" post, I'd have some lovely photos of the recipes I have whipped up from the the divine cookbooks I received for Christmas. . . I don't have those photos because, although we have cooked meals since Christmas, none of them are beautiful and none are from these awesome books.  It takes me awhile to adopt new things to eat on a tight evening timeframe and well, particularly before I have actually read the new recipes.  But alas, these are good cookbooks because the lovely folks who gave them to me have cooked from them and love their stuff, and they know we strive to eat good food, fail as we may.  These are cooks that know good cooking, good recipes, good food.  My Mom and my sister-in-law, Karen.  So there.  Go forth.  Check 'em out, try some things. . . and anyway, they have great covers (my fave), and good stories inside in addition to the magic cookery.  Maybe one of these days I'll have a Fave Recipe Recap (all caps for, eh, blog-post-speak).  In the meantime, you'll just have to take my word for it. . . or well, Mom's and Karen's.  Trust us.
As my Mom inscribed, "If it's not in here it's not worth cooking"  The Essential New York Times Cookbook.
Good, simple food for complicated lives - yes!  Double Delicious from Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld.
From the amazing blog of the same name comes The Pioneer Woman Cooks - a gift from my SIL, Karen who is a fabulous cook herself.  The stories are truly great - and we all have a soft-spot for Oklahomans making it happen.
Great food and togetherness here - LOVE Lucinda.
Oh, and this teapot was a gift from my friend Kara.  Isn't it cute? Soooo wonderful.  What a thoughtful gift.  Who wouldn't need a spot of tea after all that eating!?  And water from an ombre kettle?  Hello fabulous.  
Happy almost-the-end-o'-the-week, yall!


  1. Hi MM! Looks like you've been busy! Loving all your posts and love the photo collab with you and JW. Thx for the cookbook recs. Is that a Le Crueset teapot? If so I gave the red one to my bro and future sis in law for xmas. Love it. xoxo

  2. KO! so glad you are liking the stuff! I'm so excited for some great collabs coming this year. And yes, it's a Le Crueset and I love it. :)


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