Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Smmidge Style: On Location

Fun with pom poms.
I've mentioned my very talented photographer friend, Jenny Watts (yes, that Jenny. The same gal who designed my Christmas cards) several times on the blog.  She is an old college friend, in fact she was one of the first people I met at school.  We were neighbors in our freshman dormitory, Chitwood.  (We were. . . well, Chitwood bitches, as Tech students say.  Nice.  So untrue, especially where JW is concerned! But I digress.)  Jenny is one of those people you meet and hardly remember getting to know. . .  you just immediately know her.  She has an ease about her that makes you so comfortable, as her now faithful clients (children and families) know so well, and keep coming back to.

So, last year Jenny and I decided to collaborate: Jenny as photog; me as stylist.  We wanted to play around with looks and locations. . . adding a twist, and sometimes a narrative, to her typical (beautiful) images, in the vein of a magazine shoot (but without the stress and pressure).  We found some great kids that are into photo shoots and light modeling (taking direction, dealing with location changes, outfit changes, etc).  It was so fun, and pretty hard work too.  We lucked into some loverly kiddos, as you see in these pics, and are excited to do some more of these shoots this year.  It can take so many forms from really simple, to big ol' productions.  It will be fun to see what comes of an upcoming brainstorm with Jenny, and I'll be updating you soon.  In the meantime check out her blog for all her latest and greatest work.  

All images courtesy of Jenny Watts Photography.  Styling by Smmidge (Molly Magill).  More after the break!  

Pearls on a train car.

Hangin' on the trolley.

Gypsy girls.  
Broke down.
Dreamy picnic.
Musical genius.
Like my scarf?
Field of dreams.

We are us.  Who are you? (yes those are Momofandango fabrics in the background)
Hide and go seek. (don't you love the lense change?)
The fab Jenny Watts.  She is great with kids.  She likes indie music.    She grew up in Beaumont, TX and she likes Natural Yogurt with choco chips, and blueberries from Orange Cup.  Yum!  If you need a photog and you're in big D, she's your gal!

yep, yours truly,  out in the cow pasture, schlepping props and having a ball.  

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