Friday, January 14, 2011

Style&Sounds: EM Moto Jacket

The Friday Tune series is evolving - hope you like!   

Y'all know I'm utterly obsessed with Emersonmade.  Remember Flora for Fall?  That post was the beginning of my outward expression of unveiled love for this brand, this girl, her story - I mean, I'm a sucker for a sister (and a brother for that matter) who'll wear necktie and a flower pin.  Genius.  

This spring, the EM Clothing line is expanding and, yes, I'm obsessed. I need this Petit Moto Jacket like I need the air to breathe.   I'm serious!  Ok.  Maybe not to literally in order to breathe - but to express myself!  To feel cute, and have a well-rounded look!  Yes.  I NEED it.

Yes, that shirt says: Boom Shisk Boom.  Yes, that is a bass drummer on the tee.  Yes I must have the tee.  But I'm trying to stay focused!
And once I own this Petit Moto jacket (my lips to God's ears, right?), I need to ride a Vespa on a curvy road with the vintage-y, rocker-shuffle sounds of Monsters of Folk Say Please as the music to the scene (to life!).  If you like this jacket, you will like this music (video here).  Groovy weekend all!

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