Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wake Up

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up every morning with this greeting?  Hello day!  I love it.  And I love this print by Dowdy Studio.  Dowdy is one of the hottest screenprinting studios in Big D - we met him (Dylan, who works with his wife Pamela) once at the Urban Street Bazaar, and what cool, nice dude. Oh, is dude one too many "d's" for this? Anyway. . . they also make amazing, weird, beautiful tees for guys - you know, guys who are cool with their inner "Mer Jack" or "Handle Bar Pogo Stick Man" selves.  So wake up and check 'em out.  What's that?  Need a caffeine punch in the a.m. to really feel the love?  Ok - I [love] you a Latte.

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