Thursday, February 10, 2011

Drum Roll Please. . .

Yea Andrea!  You win your pick of the below Smmidge blankets with custom "camp tag" from our Feb Giveaway 2!!!  Little Bug does the drawing-of-names around here, and he has a penchant for choosing "a" names these days, I suppose, as you are the second straight - wow!  Hope you enjoyed another snow day, yesterday, with hot cocoa, and a comfie blanket!  We love that too.  You know the drill - shoot me a note at smmidge[dot]gmail[dot]com and we will fix you up.

Thanks to everyone for your great entries!  And come back next Monday for Feb Giveaway 3 - we've got some great stuff-o lined up for the day o' love.  And surely Buggers will move onto other letters!  Now bring on Friday, right? We are so close!  
Wheaties and Honeycombs by Smmidge
Patchwork Dotty by Smmidge


  1. woo hoo! I am so pumped. And here I was with a bad hair day thinking it was going to be "one of those days". What a great way to brighten up a frigid Thursday! Thanks!!!

  2. So glad, Andrea! Chat soon about details, and hope you had a great day!


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