Friday, February 11, 2011

Style&Sounds: ReadyMade

Oh happy day when my ReadyMade mag arrives!  I LOVE it.  This month's is so cute too, with so many wonderful stories with ingenious ideas and creations.  I just love their quick copywriting and amazing, graphic, colorful spreads.  My happy ReadyMade days call for some reading time to take it all in and be inspired - and that calls for a "reading ReadyMade" song.  For this issue, it is the Be Good Tonyas The Littlest Birds.  See video below and here's to getting inspired with your fave mag and fave song soon. 
"Car meets sculpture in a roving escape."  ReadyMade Mag
The lamps, pillows, and rugs are my fave.
Love this play on words - and of course love the vintage suitcase.
Cute family living in an exquisite mid-century house.  Oh dear, how I love.
Another play on words and beautiful styling that makes me so happy.
Seriously cannot express how much I love this page - the colors, styling and composition.

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  1. just tracked down the deets on the Be Good Tanyas tune. Dates back to 2001 !


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