Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb Giveaway 3: Barrettes and Bowties

You are the apple of my eye!  Happy Valentine's Day.  xx-Smmidge

This is my felt version of my Kindergarten Valentines that my mom handmade with construction paper.  I vividly remember being so proud of them as I handed them out that day, and the expression "you are the apple of my eye"  has been one of my favorites ever since. 
Smmidge Windmill Hairclips
This week's give away is a pair of stylish trios!  Handcut and made felt barrettes and bowties for your mini style mavens.  You've seen my little bug sporting his bowtie pin with everything from tee shirts to suits, and I've also seen them pinned to little purses as actual bows for girlies.  And my little niece inspired the Windmill clip as a part of the decor and party gifts for her 2nd birthday party.  Fun and colorful is just the way to be this spring! 

Smmidge Boy Bowties
You know the rules guys!  Here's a reminder, and don't forget to up your odds by becoming a blog, FB or Twitter follower!  Here's to barrettes and bowties, oh!  And Happy Valentine's Day once again!
  • eligibility: open to ALL Smmidge readers
  • what to do: leave a comment on the giveaway post about: Barrettes and Bowties
  • extra credit: if you are (or become) a follower of Smmidge blog, Smmidge Facebook, or @Smmidge Twitter you receive an extra entry each!  So come on!
  • entry deadline: comments will close 48 hours after initial post time
  • winner selection: winners will be chosen at random
  • winner notification: On mornings following giveaway closing, I'll announce the winner (Smmidge Blanket winner will be announced Thursday Feb 17th)
  • claiming your prize: send me an email at with your mailing address, and I'll pop your prize in the mail! Winners must respond within three (3) days of notification or forfeit the prize. alternate winner will be selected in this instance.
Barrette backs
Bowtie pins


  1. I'd rather have a barrette than a carrot
    I'd prefer a bow tie to a lie
    I wish I had a barrette instead of all this debt
    I hope I get a bow tie but not a black eye
    I really want a Smmidge barrette to enhance my daughter's silhouette
    And a Smmidge bow tie for a special little guy

    Hee hee! Love Monday contests!

  2. LOVE these, Molly! Too, too cute!
    And, I can totally see your Kindergarten Valentines.....your mom is amazing!

  3. cute! can't wait to pin to the vertical strip on the blinds in my baby's room - not to mention clothes and hair!

  4. Aaahhhh! Beautiful colors! Love them.

  5. Love these comments, yall! Thanks. Excited about the announcement on Thursday!

  6. Cute and colorful, great idea for kids accessories.


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