Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Original Street Style Anthropologist

Mark your calendars: on April 8th Dallas' Angelika theatre (and many other cities across the country), will premiere Bill Cunningham New York, a film by Richard PressI'm beyond excited - I mean, hello, unassuming 80+ yr old cat in a blue work jacket, Schwinning it around Manhattan capturing moments in time, and true style.  A cultural anthropologist with an eye for beautiful clothes - sounds like heaven, eh?  Cunningham, the curator of a decades long body of work chronicling New York's street fashion from the quirky to the divine, from uptown soirees to downtown eccentrics, and the man behind the Times columns "On the Street" and "Evening Hours", and their first venture in publishing unauthorized photographs of celebrities such as Greta Garbo and Brooke Astor.  It's because of his grace and style that everyone wanted to be included - this wasn't about catching a fashion disaster, no. . . for Bill, it seemed to always be about the beauty and flair of the true personal style.  No rules, except a gentlemanly approach. How refreshing. For a lovely New Yorker profile of this man-about-town go here. See you on the 8th!

one of Bill's favorite subjects, Anna Wintour

Bill Cunningham at his desk. 

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