Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project Sparkle Horns

Meet sparkle horns. Yep.  These antlers are all glittered up.  I have been thinking about this for awhile, and finally decided to try it - just to see if it would work - and I am kinda pleased with the result.  I know, mixed feelings about glittering the remains of a once living thing. . . perhaps a little strange.  Ah well, remove that inkling, and think of it purely as a way to do something unexpected inside your house, and voila!  Nothin' but fun with ol' sparkle horns.  Simple process - just water down some good old Elmers and brush on one section at a time - make sure you lay down some paper to catch the excess glitter (and there will be alot of it).   And go to sparkle town!  I think it would be great in one single color, but being who I am - I had to have one antler stand out from the rest.  Right?  Gotta quirk it up (because otherwise glittery antlers are way too normal, right?). I used the terrific Martha Stewart glitter (rememeber my Christmas glitter balls?!) which I acquired at Michaels.  But I think any old glitter will work fine.  Here's to sparkles!

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