Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inspired by. . . "vintage" Domino Magazines

I hoard magazines.  I admit it, and I love it.  I'm particularly proud of a couple of my collections including Dwell and Elle Decor, but the best sets are the now defunct Cookie and Domino.  I was going through some old spring Dominos last night looking at outdoor furniture and trying to decide what to paint my toenails.  I came across a favorite issue - May 2008 with Julianne Moore on the front.  Lovely!  And still chock full of relevant and fabulous ideas.  Ahh, to open the mailbox and see a new Domino. . those were the days! 
hmmm what color?
glorious patterns and colors.
orange top table - yes please.
yellow chaise lounge with palm leaf cushions. . . ?  take me to Palm Springs.
and a little detour - I found the reasoning behind my blue bedroom curtains.
Luckily, Buggers loves to read the mags with me too. 

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