Thursday, May 5, 2011

Smmidge Style: My Favorite Shirt

This is my fave shirt.  Is it a half shirt, you say?  Well, I suppose if I wore it alone, my navel might show (eh-hem, when you are about to turn 35 a) you start using the term navel and b) you don't show your navel) so technically it might be a half shirt. But I would never do that of course (I'm far too mature. wink). I'll wear a cami or a tank or a striped tee (shown here from Gap) with it, so my navel won't show.  I really love it, it swoops down in the back, I think the shoulders and sleeves are really cute, and I LOVE the color.  It's from Betty & June.  Here I put it with some JCrew chinos, a couple of flopsy gold necklaces and my strappy Bcbg shoes (another love from last year).  It was a long day, but atleast I had my fave shirt on.  Sometimes it's the little things.
I love how the shirt swoops in the back.  Not a half shirt from behind.  And yes Buggers is walking in what should be a bed of shrubs, but alas, it is a dirt pathway.  He's in his madras shorts and his "I'm headed to Mexico" shirt.  I think we kinda work together.
He went right on past and straight to scale the fence.  Gotta go. 

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