Thursday, November 17, 2011

Key It Up

vintage keys tied with ribbon and chains.  image & source
There is something magical about keys, right?  They lead to something. . . somewhere.  They symbolize love, hope, even mystery and power. . . And what a great shape, too.  Whether new or vintage, the shape can add just the right interest to a wall, a corner, a room or even an outfit.  Aren't these painted vintage keys adorable?  I can see them as necklaces or hanging from a chandelier. 
vintage keys simply adorn a wall.  image from source
An array of vintage keys hung directly on a wall.  Simple and even elegant.  Would definitely make me want to take a minute in that corner. 
key lampshade.  genius!  image & source (
Resourceful style is my favorite thing.  How about this key lampshade for creatively using what you have to make something unique and beautiful.  Love it!
key cards as place cards.  image
Add a vintage touch to your next event by tying a key to the place cards.  It's unexpected and will be something your guests remember forever. 
key motif.  image & source
Love this fabric with keys as a motif.  I would love to have a stamp or two in these shapes.  
keys en masse.  image & source
Sometimes a statement is all about having something in large quantities, and that principle applies to all these keys hanging together. . . would make an amazing canopy or garland! 
key art.  image & source (wit and delight)
This artist was inspired by the key shape, too!  We agree.

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