Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Watch, Listen and be Moved: WLT & Young the Giant

I came across an amazing grouping of music videos on It's Invigorating today.  First off, that's one rad blog with ideas on lots of things. . .why is it so, well, invigorating to find others (even if only online) with similar interests and taste. . . so I say, check it out today.  And of course I got to I-I through one of my fave Dallas blogs, Hello Splendor.  Ahhh, our online connections. . . But back to biz - I was inspired to share one video in particular - Young the Giant's I Got.  I cannot get over this guy's voice.  I'm hooked and completely obsessed at this point.  They are totes on my must-see list.  I'll be getting this to Hubs immediately for our next night on the town.  I was at once transported to a Mexican-like town in the, well, the 50s... but like filled with New Yorkers, surfers and Texans. . . does that make ANY sense?  Whatever it was and wherever it took me, I want more.  And beyond loving the music I absolutely, positively love the videography.  WLT or Watch Listen Tell is the production house behind these amazing videos. . . and just as it was designed, they make you want to eat them up and bring all your frinds to the table.  So, because they work so well, I couldn't leave you without sharing another of my very favorite artists also captured by WLT, Lissie, whom I've blogged about several times here on Smmidge.  I couldn't share her enough.  She makes me happy/sad/hopeful/inspired everytime.  Hope you like these and are inspired to share just the same.  Happy Thanksgiving week! xx - m.m.

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