Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Smmidge Style: Winter Color and Funky Silhouettes

Winter time doesn't have to mean gray and black sweaters and heavy coats.  No, Siree.  Bring on the color and. . . uh, short sleeves?  Well, yes, atleast in this case. Now, to be fair, living in Dallas makes this easier as we are fortunate to have mild winters, and though it does get cold and even (horrors!) snows on occasion, many days we can keep warm with layers - cardigans, capes, scarves.  What does this mean?  Year round tops, that's what.

I found this little number at Anthro this weekend. . . and in all honesty, aside from color, I am currently obsessed with silhouettes whether in home decor or fashion.  From babies to dogs to well. . . penguins on a silk shirt, I wantitneeditmusthaveit.  This uh-freakin'-dorable top is by Charlotte Taylor.  There is a full group of creature covered, colorful silk-silhouetted garments at Anthro right now, and all are bound to spice up your tights, scarves and sweaters.  In fact, each piece (dresses, skirts, shirts) would look fabulous layered with simple winter grays and blacks.  But here in Big D, I'll be able to wear this just as it is right here with my purple jeans (coincidentally, also from Anthropologie. . .I know I know) and boots.  It is Big D after all.

Blouse info here

More on Charlotte Taylor here


  1. Once again we can be twinks as I too have this shirt!

  2. it's holiday twinkie time! even with too much time and distance, we still think alike. :)


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