Friday, January 6, 2012


Happy Friday!! Don't you love Fridays? Of course it's lovely because we can all appreciate the beauty of two days off of work, and (theoretically) a little time to breathe. I love them because, no matter how busy I am, I make time to always think back on Fridays. I capture many of my favorite moments in a day on Instagram, thus these Instagram-able posts..... My little recap of fave moments. Included here are a much needed haircut appointment which made me so happy, sweet Doss on a walk with me, New Years Day date with Ben, a fave candle that I light with love every single evening, cleaning out the shed (it really was fun. . . for once) and a day trip to the Dallas Museum of Art for meetings and another quick view of the amazing Gaultier exhibit. Its a good reminder that things ain't so bad... even when I complain complain complain, these little pics pick me up! Seeing what others capture on Instagram is also a source of inspiration for me. If you use and love Instagram let me know where to find/follow you! Want me to share your "Instagram-able" moments here? Message me!

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