Thursday, March 22, 2012

Prodigal Daughter- Design & Music Meet with Pearl and the Beard

I came across Pearl and the Beard on Cool Hunting and was so struck by the write up on their approach selling the music. . .by using posters and post cards as the only tangible take-away. A true merging of art, music and design.  And a savvy way of understanding how people consume their art, music and design today. Get it all here.   

And then there is the music.  And their style.  And I'm newly obsessed with all of it.  This video is mesmerizing, and the little star of this amazingly beautiful piece reminds me so much of my niece, Lola, whom I'm always inspired by, as well.  I can't resist sharing why she is so cool here, too.  Oh, and her chic momma just launched a new fashion blog , The Bolder The Better, where she shares the best info her groovy style and that of others. . . check it out!

Lola is an imagination machine.
She is quite stylish and loves her dolls, and braided hair.

And always has her cousins along on an adventure. 

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