Friday, April 13, 2012

Instagram-able 7

I dumped my iphone images onto my computer before I got this post complete.  How silly.  I so often format these from my phone. . . so easy that way. . . anyway this post is missing some fun moments from the last couple of weeks, but alas, there will be more to share soon enough.  And a few good little bits are here too, starting with spring has sprung in our backyard, thus our little neighbor friend, Bella, fashioned beautiful bouquet for Doss of foliage from her yard. . . seriously, it's so lovely!  I think she has a gift.  Doss had a big time with his Easter pinata.  Hopefully next time he will be with his cousins when he busts it up! Also, I'm happy with a few of my spring shoes, from gold clogs, to a fun snakeskin mix, to some booties from unique store in Austin called Bootleg.  Found those on a happy girls day with  BoldertheBetter.  Sad those pics are not here to share, but again, more to come!  I've been doing the #photoadayapril challenge and having a great time with it.  I had to post a pic of 'younger me'. Oh the things I would tell a younger me. . . wow. . . But in other news, I'm super stoked about the premiere of "Girls" on HBO this Sunday.  I particularly love Lena Dunham and the photo shoot the cast did in Glamour. . . look at those floral pants!  And last but not least my boys. . . again, had to dig around for some shots because my cute ones are not accessible (do I need to be clouding this? I'm so behind).  ugh!  But below you will see Benito in his element, and Doss in his (with his cars).  Ben has been working hard and pounding the pavement making his way, and so proud of him for that.  One interesting thing he has rustled up is helping with the Jason Roberts campaign, so we were excited to get our campaign posters!  We think so much of this guy, his platform and what he has worked for in the community.  And especially as we prepare to move into his district in Oak Cliff, we are excited to get involved.  Whew!  I feel like I just upchucked an update on you.  Can we say "stream of consciousness"? I do that. . . thanks for listening!  Happy Happy Friday!  xx -m.m.

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