Thursday, May 17, 2012

Herb Garden Happiness

growing basil - tips at BHG
My Mother-in-law has a green thumb.  The woman can grow anything. . . and does.  Even on the arid Oklahoma plains, she knows just what to plant and how to grow it.  You can see the joy she gets from gardening when she walks around highlighting what's just come up from seed, or buds that are about to bloom.  I love to take her garden tours and I long to devote some time to growing things, as well.  Often times, while on our garden tour,  she clips something for me and whips it up into a pot or a jar for me to take home and this is my very favorite moment - at this point, I'm in the club. And everyone likes that.  

On my last trip, as we were smelling herbs, she whipped through and poof! presented me with a basil plant from her clippings.  I love love love fresh herbs.  My "new" basil plant makes me want to start a real garden, though for me it probably means simple, small, in-doors (see last picture below).  Whatever type of garden you prefer (or can handle), from simple to quirky to over-the-top, I say just do it.  The act of planting, growing and using the herbs (or other vegetation, if you are more ambitious) from your own garden is well. . . sublime.  My Dad, too, is a good grower of things as he grew up on a farm and ranch learning to cultivate crops.  It's in my blood.  But hasn't always taken hold.  I can keep some things alive, but alas, my previous herb garden didn't last (though I loved it so).  See here.   Now here's hoping my thumb turns green.  xx - m.m.

For even more garden (herbs and more) inspiration, listen to this story on Thomas Jefferson's garden at Monticello.  Wow! 
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